SUNDERBANS The Riverine Nirvana...

Impenetrable mangrove forests, winding rivers, lush Sundari trees, somnambulant crocodiles, spotted deer, Sunderbans is all that and more. Peer into its soul and you will see Nature at its purest ...

The largest delta and the largest estuarine national park in the world, you will be amazed at the sheer diversity and breathtaking beauty of this Tiger Reserve.

With creek rides, forest walks, visits to fishermen's cove, village tours, visit to watch towers offering the best experience of this treasure trove that boasts of myriad and mysterious life forms. The thought is bound to cross your mind that this is it - and it can't possibly get any better. But it can - when we are the ones taking you on this magical mystical tour of
3 Nights 4 Days.

Sunderbans, the largest mangrove ecosystem in the world was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1985 and was honored as a Biosphere Reserve in 1989. 

Adding to this are the evening entertainments of the folklores of Sunderbans and Bengal, talk shows and film shows enrich the experience.

The cruise will take you through:

Kolkata Ghats
Namkhana - A fishermen's' cove
Bhagabatpur - A crocodile project
Lothian Island - A thrilling forest walk
Netidhopani - A 300 year old temple
Dobanki - A deer rehabilitation centre
Sudhanyakhali - The tiger spotting watch tower
Sajnekhali - Interpretation Centre
Bali Village - A typical Sunderban village

Possible extensions and additions:

Kalas Beach, Burirdabri, Bonnie Camp Angling, Cycle tours, Country boat rides

Vivada Inland Waterways Limited owns a fleet of vessels and is the largest inland waterways company in India. The company presents M.V.Paramhamsa, an advanced luxury cruiser which will take you on a memorable sail into the Sunderbans.

Vivada Cruises takes you through the meandering rivers and the eerie creeks of Sunderbans to make your trip a thrilling one. This will give you the chance to be at one with nature and at the same time enjoy the luxuries provided by the cruise. The international standard facilities and the complete onboard service that the cruiser offers are exquisite. 

Vivada Cruises wins your heart with its hospitality. The chefs onboard take care of your appetite and your tongue taste buds. The mouthwatering spread of dishes includes lobsters, fishes and other special sea-foods from all corners of the world.

After munching on the delicious food, burn some calories at the cruise gym. You can also get an Ayurvedic treatment at the massage parlors or read at the library to spend some quiet quality time. The bar also enables you to have a great relaxing time. Visit the art gallery and also enjoy the onboard entertainment programs. The conference rooms with Internet connection and fax facilities are convenient for the corporate traveler.

The ship, M.V.Paramhamsa is 53 meters in length and it houses a total of 32 cabins. The four-decked ship has an under deck, main deck, first deck and sun deck.

The comfortable rooms of M.V.Paramhamsa are air-conditioned, spacious and possess attached baths for the convenience of its guests. The ship comes with 12 luxury rooms on the first deck and 20 deluxe rooms on the main deck. The rooms are equipped with telephone, ample reading stuff, tea and coffee maker and even an emergency kit.

Sail to the Sunderbans with Vivada Cruises and experience the trip of your lifetime.